Sunday, December 26, 2010

Chinese Enamelware Factory - Cloisonne (Great Wall of China)

This Enamelware Factory was part of our tour of the Great Wall of China. On the way to the wall, our tour guide dropped us off at this factory. There we were shown how enamelware is made from start to finish. After the tour of the factory, we were lead straight to the showroom, where it was clear that they wanted us to spend our money. (They seem to assume that just because you're a foreigner, you have lots of money to spend. Unfortunately for them we were traveling on a pretty tight budget.)

The Great Wall was obviously what we went to see, but this enamelware factory was also interesting. These types of supplementary stops seem to be quite common for Great Wall tours. Just be careful, and don't spend too much money for something that you don't really need...

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