Monday, January 25, 2010

Snowboading in Korea

The artificial snow and short runs at Yangji Pine Resort in Korea were so much fun! It was awesome! We went on a Monday, and although there were more people there than I expected, the lines and crowds weren't bad at all. And even the snow was a pleasant surprise. It was mostly artificial, but nice and soft. Granted... it wasn't Park City, Utah or Sun Valley, Idaho... but for what it is, it's not bad.

The cost wasn't too bad either... about the equivalent of $60 for a lift ticket, board and boots, and snow pants rental. We did go, however, on a special sale day, so I believe that it's generally a little more expensive than that. The website is in English, and actually has a lot of helpful info about the resort.

I haven't been to any other resorts in Korea, but I've heard that the resorts in eastern Korea are much larger and have better snow. Pine Resort has advantages, however. It's less expensive, for one. And, it's much closer to Seoul and the surrounding area. There are also free shuttle buses that you can catch at various subway stations that will take you straight to the resort.

We went with several of our Korean friends, which is recommended. Not only can they speak Korean and negotiate the rental agreements and things of that nature, but it's also just fun to watch them in action on the slopes.

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